Sally - mother to 2 boys and a forever 7 year old girl, Lydia

Bio: I have always lived by few sayings in life: -There is no way to be a perfect mother but a millions ways to be a great one. -Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History and one by my mom I will let you cry today because it is ok to be sad but tomorrow you pick yourself up and start anew because nothing gets done while you cry. So I've been described as real and raw. I guess I'm your typical tell-it-like-it is mom. Not sure how many of those are out there but I've never minced words however getting better at it. Some say I might exceed in politics but I'm not sure I could make it there with my sometimes fierce and passionate viewpoints. So, who am I really? I could go on and share with you how I work full-time and I am the head of this or that and I spend every waking moment living and breathing my children because they are my life. Some of that would be true but not really. I am a full-time working mom, that part is true but until Mother's Day, 2014 I would have described myself as a mom of 2 boys and a special needs mother to a little girl. Now I'm a mom to 3 children but one who earned her wings on Mother's Day, 2014. During my daughter's lifetime I would have said I was a full-time working professional, fierce, passionate, loving, sassy, opinionated, tenacious, strong-willed woman. So who am I now? These days I'm not sure so I live to tell the raw, real, full truths of what it was like raising a special needs girl, 2 boys, being a wife, working full-time and now being a mom of a child who has passed away. Hope you stay for the ride...it will be full of truths, some you may not want to hear but it will also be full of laughs, sarcasm, love, and raw, raw emotion. Want to know more about my Lydia - keep reading: My Lydia was born on April 19th, 2007 and diagnosed on October 4th the same year with a rare chromsome disorder called 9q34.3, recently named Kleefstra sydrome. She was severely mentally impaired along with physical ailments. She suffered from seizures and austism as well. She needed all her ADL's taken care of by us or a caregiver. She was hospitalized in 7 years over 25 times and taken by ambulance more times than we can count. We believe a seizure took her in her sleep the early morning of Mother's Day as she suffered from them in her sleep. Our baby left quite the legacy we hope continues for years and lifetimes to come.

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  1. First off, I’m incredibly sorry for your loss, though I must thank you for beginning this fight for anyone suffering from a condition whom could benefit from this CBD’s.

    My wife and I also live in Wisconsin, and our Son is a Non-verbal Autistic 6 year old who would absolutely benefit from the availability of this medicine;it’s absurd that this isn’t available yet. Additionally, we would love to help in this in any way we can, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

  2. I work for Merkabah Labs and am interested in your story and would like to talk more in the future about your advocacy of the legalization of medicinal Cannabis. CBD in particular.

  3. Hi there,
    My name is Chris. My son Finley has KS and has recently started having seizures. I really want help to get him cannabis oil. But it’s so hard to get advice!

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